From Industry 4.0 to Nature 4.0


Nature 4.0 is a Benefit Corporation and innovative start-up following a series of innovations and technologies developed in the university laboratories. The founder of the company is Prof. Riccardo Valentini, full professor at the University of Tuscia – Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-industrial and Forestry Systems (DIBAF), expert in environmental monitoring with particular reference to the study of agricultural and forestry systems. Currently the company has created several devices on microprocessor and wireless data transmission via radio (LoRa- Sigfox) for monitoring environmental parameters with applications in the agricultural and forestry fields. In particular, the company has developed a device called TreeTalker (TT +) capable of measuring in real time the water consumption of trees, the growth of biomass (diameter) and the state of health of the leaves through spectral indices and processes innovative products that are pending patenting. Following this invention, other sensors have been produced (WineTalker, FruitTalker) dedicated to agricultural crops (vineyards, olive groves, orchards, etc.) Furthermore, a particular sensor for trees in an urban environment has been developed called TreeTlaker-G which measures the oscillations of trees and change of position using a 3D gyroscope to assess the safety of trees in an urban environment. Recently Nature4.0 is dedicated to gas monitoring with particular reference to industrial composting processes, developing sensors and custom-oriented analysis systems for process analysis.


The elements of innovation concern the extension of the concepts of Industry 4.0 based on IoT and low-cost microprocessor sensors to the environmental and agricultural sector (hence the name Nature4.0). Nature4.0 immediately adopted the LoRa protocol (and the SigFox protocol is in preparation) for data transmission in rural areas which is significantly more efficient than traditional WiFi networks. Furthermore, we are competitive on costs thanks to the partnership with an electronic production company (Dromoelettronica SRL, Rome) which works exclusively for the realization of the electronics of our products. National and international research projects are underway, a national PRIN project (development of technologies for forest monitoring), a project with the Municipality of Moscow with the installation of 250 TreeTalkers in an urban setting, winners of the National Geographic tender for the best innovative environmental start-ups. , we collaborate with Peking University for the installation of sensors in some forest areas of China.

The scientific collaborations in place are: 1. MACH Foundation 2. University of Tuscia, Viterbo 3. Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) 4. University of Moscow (RUDN) 5. University of Peking 6. University of Wageningen We also have industrial collaborations with: Green Capital Alliance, Roma Dromoelettronica, ACEA, ENEA, ENERGOLAB (Moscow, Russia (exclusive distributor of our products in Russia) and SYMBIA (Cordoba, Spain, exclusive distributor of our products in Spain). Currently the company is composed of two partners (Prof. Riccardo Valentini, Prof. Simona Castaldi), administrator dr.ssa Micaela Onorati, n 2. Technical employees, n.1 Graduate and professional consultancy with DromoElettronica srl, ThayWEB, FEM.

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